WIN for the


Provides ongoing funding to the Charity

WIN for the


Customer receives a tax receipt for a charitable donation from the charity

WIN for


ACG increases sales

how it works

ACG provides the Charity with a unique ALP member number. In the event of an auto collision…

WIN For The Charity

ACG donates a percentage of the sales to the Charity (up to $500.00)

On a monthly basis (or as required by the Charity) a report will be generated and issued to the Charity

Name of person on whose behalf donation was made

Amount donated

A ‘Thank You’ letter is sent to the Customer identifying the amount donated on their behalf

WIN For The Customer

Charity issues a tax receipt to the Customer in the amount of the donation made

Alternatively, the Customer may choose to take advantage of the cash back (up to $500.00) for their own use. In this case, the monies will be given to the person or a be given as a discount of equal value on their repairs


Customers requests that repair is done at an ACG shop

Customer presents their ALP card, voucher or other such item

Customer provides the ALP member number to ACG

ACG Completes repairs